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Grandpa's Heart

Blind Faith

My recent drive from Colorado to Wyoming in white-out conditions on I-80 was a white-knuckler. Fear is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt.

Follow the Leader

GPS is not so helpful for those of us with no inner compass.

Weekend of Rest

I have been neglecting rest, it is important to follow God's example. The fact that he rested on the seventh day, was for our benefit, not for Him.

Beyond the Shirt and Tie

Blessings come by surprise. All we have to do is keep our eyes open.

Freedom Reigns

Sometimes we want things that are not the best for us. Trust God.

Eight Legs Too Many

For many years I was crippled with fear at the sight of a spider. I still don't like them, but I faced down that fear one day in Denver.

Keys To Freedom

The keys to freedom can be costly.

But A Vapor

We must realize our own mortality, because life is but a vapor. The best is yet to come.

Falling In Love Again

A new granddaughter and a new love affair begins...

Red Light, Green Light

Wait for the green light - how often must we be told the same thing?

When Do We Lose Childlike Faith?

God teaches us when we take risks, but taking a risk requires faith.

Simply Blessed

My life - 31 years of marriage. Simply. Blessed.

Restored To New Life

Refinishing the old rocker brought more to mind than sanding and restaining the wood.


Stardom and humility rarely go hand-in-hand. You can see it up close and personal in Betty White.

Outside My Comfort Zone

When is the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone? I am living outside of mine...

Righteous Indignation

Hearing my granddaughter sing in the school program made me wonder why we are so concerned with semantics. Isn't sharing the Gospel the true goal?

Silence on the Hill

Getting back to the house was the goal for both boys, but how could they avoid the person tracking them through the snow?

Grandpa's Here!

Nothing energizes me like the excitement from my grandchildren. It is easy to understand why Jesus wanted to have them close.

Is it Food - Or is it Football?

Thanksgiving celebrations around the country are centered on food and football. It's no different at our house.

Monument Hill Thanksgiving

Getting to the family Thanksgiving was difficult when the snow on Monument Hill became impossible to travel by car.

Backyard Campout

It's a rite of passage to go snipe hunting. Boys will be boys.

I'm Going to Find You

You can try to hide, but do you really think I won't find you there?

What Tests Your Faith?

A challenge to our faith can be something as simple as a roller coaster ride. Has you car left the track?

Balance or Lack of It

Falling out of bed brings reflection about balance.

Minnesota Labor Day

Labor Day in Minnesota is beautiful, no matter how winter turns out.

Dirty Feet

The new grandchild can't walk yet, how are her feet getting dirty?

Broken Glass

I have more in common with my job than I ever realized. Who repairs us when we are broken?

It's Gonna Be A Blowout

Young people looking for the next thrill search for the blowout party. How can we help them make good decisions?

Fold Or Raise

Everyone brings something to the table. But does his poker face tell you whether he is bluffing?


Where did the three foot tall alien come from? And what will I do with him?

No Shame In Asking

We all need a helping hand sometimes. There is no shame in asking for it.

A Job To Do

The way we perform our job says much about our spirit and love for others.

Denominations Aside

Denominations nor height matters when serving the Lord. She was an amazing servant - in any denomination.

Our Eternity - His Patience

It's a good thing that His patience is unlimited, we need it, even though we don't deserve it.

Scars On My Heart

Betrayal comes in an envelope. Can I bounce back? Only time will tell.


One man's treasure is a grandchild's inquiry. Where did all the junk come from? And why does it matter to the old man?

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

The grandkids are ready to help me get up, so why not drop to the floor and play like crazy?

Sweet Dreams

She sleeps to the vibration of his snoring. It means more to her than anyone knows.

Museum Tour Bus

Are the tour bus kids bothering the old man as much as he says? Some things are not as they seem.

Last Man Standing

We all learn from someone who has been there. Keep your feet moving.

How Did We Get This Holiday Anyway?

Memorial Day comes for us at the cost of many who sacrifice.

Big Screen For Dad

A son mistakenly thinks his father has fallen for a scam. This story shows that the old man is more on the ball than anyone thought.

Blood Brothers

Sharing our lives comes with consequences. Do we take our commitments as seriously as we should, or are they simply child's play?

A Familiar Story

Challenges of rumors and indiscretions come between a couple engaged to be married. Sound familiar?

The Midway Tent

He saw the past, who knew that the One in the tent could offer hope for the future?

Nine Months to Go

Waiting for a son to return from a military overseas tour, we count the months - the weeks - the days until we again hold him close.

My Magic Eyes

How important is it to be able to see that which is hidden? As the elevator doors closed with our grandson alone inside, panic consumed us. A mad dash to find him was the only thing I could do.

From Head to Toe

A bonding experience between a 73-year-old and his grandson will touch your heart.

You Talking to Me?

Are you aware when the Spirit nudges you to action? A story of a quiet nagging to do something that did not make sense until I followed his urging.


When I attended a local writers' conference, I was pleasantly surprised as an agent reached out and touched my heart.

Burning Rubber

A mother's commitment to prayer for her daughter brings her home, along with a small package. Their lives would never be the same.

What Do You Hear?

Miscommunication abounds when family members listen with the baggage of years gone by. For the best results, speak gently and carry no stick.

Reality Check

Writers are so hopeful that editors will help them. The truth is not what writers expect, but it is what they get.

Daddy's Fingerprints

My father's Bible still bears his fingerprints, many years after he moved on to Heaven. He was the best daddy I have ever known.

Editing the Dragon

Our manuscripts are like dragons when we begin the process of editing. We rewrite, add and cut words here and there while the dragon sneers at us.

Writers Write - Or Do They?

Sometimes we are our own biggest obstacle to getting our writing done. How many things can we find to do instead?

The Rules

When the children attend the library for "The Reader" they must follow the rules in place.

To Save a Soul

The reading of a will changed a man forever. Was he crazy? Was it even his fault?

Middle Name Surprise

A twelve-year-old's decision impacts his father for a lifetime.

Human, After All

We all thought he was unreachable. But, he surprised us with the depth of his human emotions.

Boys Will Be Boys

Misbehaving at school will likely bring reprisals from the Sisters. However, boys will be boys.

Ye Are All One in Christ Jesus

When a life's secret comes to light at the funeral, a man's memory is tainted. His longtime friends react in a less-than Christian-like manner.

How? Oh No...

Sometimes things just don't turn out like we plan. Surprises might be around the next corner.

Baba Was My Name

A speech delay earned me the name Baba. But when my grandson entered kindergarten, that all changed, much to my personal dismay.

Dear Author...

Many writers find themselves frustrated by the lack of personalization of the dreaded rejection letter.

Lessons From Grandpa

Grandpas add more to grandchildrens' lives than they probably realize. It's all about attitude and behavior.

Correcting My Oops Moments

We need to be so careful how we behave, not only around our grandchildren, but around anyone else. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Loosely translated: Be Nice.

When I Took Down the Tree

Considering the sacrifice of our Savior, getting stuck while taking down the tree is inconsequential.

Refrigerator Art

Sometimes my grandchildren see things much clearer than these old grandpa eyes. I learn so much from them.

Invisible Diggers

These men do a job others would never take on, are they invisible to you?

Blindsided By Faith

Sometimes what we see in our future is not what God plans. Looking back, the fork in the road turns out to be the pivotal point in our life for Christ.

The Yellow Line

When a woman is too tired to drive she crosses the yellow line. She passed out just as she saw the tree...

Purple Christmas

Christmas traditions include purple ornaments and ribbons. Why does a family go against the tide of red and green decorations?

Candy and Face Paint

Halloween boys misbehave - but their father steps in to make sure they pay for their misdeeds.

Green Camaro

Does the young man in the muscle car aim to harm the homeless woman? Sometimes the Spirit reaches us through unbelievable means.

Family Tradition

Whenever the back stew pot was removed from its place on top of the refrigerator it meant one of two family gatherings was being prepared.

Hidden Blessing

It is hard to tell how blessings will appear in our lives. Celebrate our differences, after all, God made us the way we are.
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